I got the Nish nod on the street the other day - it kind of made my day


Cartoon: printed 2002 // Photo: taken April, 6 2014 // Art becomes life

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Free .pdf books by native authors!


So while combing through the interwebs for .pdf books on unrelated subjects, I happened upon zinelibrary.info- an anarchist collective dedicated to the free distribution of radical literature. They have a lot of titles by authors mentioned in this post, as well as many others covering…

niawen for this list!!


In this Native-directed, -produced, and -starring movie, three contemporary, urban, indigenous sisters, Vickie (Valerie Red-Horse), Karen (Kimberly Norris Guerrero), and Tanya (Irene Bedard), face an uphill battle when they open their own business selling homegrown cosmetics under the name “Naturally Native,” encountering racist, patronizing attitudes along the way. Functioning as (director, writer, and actor) Red-Horse’s commentary on her fight with the movie industry to get Native-centered films, including her own, made, Naturally Native is the first film by, about, and fully financed by Native Americans, with all production monies being supplied by the Mashantucket Pequot Nation.

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this is beautiful